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The Writer's Life

The keyboard looks fresh and new. I haven't started pounding at it yet. I bought this thing for the spring-loaded keys and splash-proof design. Key hammering and coffee are about to become my life. Nothing like a brown ring stain to make it real. I think we're still talking about coffee?

So here I am... a full time writer. How do I feel? Scared - where does the money come from? Liberated - I am in control of my destiny. Motivated - this is a wonderful opportunity to pursue my dream. Scared - will anyone take me seriously? Blessed - I get to wake up everyday and do the thing I love. Scared - what if people don't like my shit? Excited - I can share my stories with the world.

Okay, so I'm scared and a bit chuffed all at the same time. This path has been chosen for me. So now I need to make it happen. I have some very good friends who've made this happen. They are talented, wonderful individuals that have shown me nothing but support, encouragement and honesty. I have amazing people who have my back. I know this, so I'm chucking myself in there and going for it. This is the start of my journey.

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