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I'm not a poet... here's why!


I’m just a sheeple Who follows all the rules, But level 3 in Auckland Has brought out all the fools. People without masks, Their social distance – zero. I’ve had my rant on Facebook Cos I’m a proper keyboard hero. Shocked and then despondent Seeing golfers out in force. I hope they get a bogey Or lose ten balls around the course. But its not all bad, as I can see A very joyous sight. Mothers dragging toddlers So they can get their large flat whites. A hundred cars are in a queue To get their Micky Dee's. Words that give me comfort, like, “Can I take your order, please?” I drive away elated With by bag of grease and shame I’ve given up my healthy life And COVID is to blame. You say that you hate lockdown, You’re forgetting what you’ll miss. Zoom meetings in your underwear No school runs. Lockdown bliss. So let’s all have a party Drinking beer and wine alone. Mixing with my people But only through my phone. The thought of seeing people Fills me with crippling fear So fuck the world, fuck outside I’m staying put right here!

I NEVER write poems! This is why. But I'm bored and needed words.

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