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I'd never make it as a travel writer...

Wow... I have been so inactive in the last month. Mainly because I've been traveling. Its been amazing and given me lots of inspiration to write on my return to New Zealand. Meeting fellow writers that are way beyond my level has given me the motivation to know where I want to be. Their kind words and encouragement helped and I will always cherish their feedback, even when it might not be what I want to hear.

So how the hell do travel writers find the time to actually write? I've spent three weeks in the UK - socialising, catching up and dealing with the odd hangover!!!

And now I'm in Tokyo. I'm looking out of my window. The city is sprawling beneath me and the white fuzz of Mount Fuji peers over the hazy horizon. And I'm writing!! For the first time in what seems like an age!

Thanks, Tokyo!!

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