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Atmosphere is everything...

Its been a while since my last blog from Japan. Lots has happened. I'll tell my story in parts. But first... writing. Often writing is about creating a world or an atmosphere. How many things have you read where you feel immersed in the book in a really visual way.

I'm always trying to achieve this in my writing. I want my readers to feel like they're there witnessing the action or taking in the world around them.

In my novel, Samuel's Way, a folk horror I'm now painstakingly editing for submission... the world of 1640s England is dark, oppressive and paranoid. Nature itself can threaten you. Old buildings look harsh. The grass and trees look like they could swallow you up.

The picture I have posted on this blog, which has become the picture for my HOMEPAGE, was taken by a very talented friend of mine, Robin Dearden. I love his work and photographs like this inspire me to create some of the dark, folk horror I love to write.

Thank you, Robin. Keep working on the dark side!!

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